March 27, 2018

Review & Recommendations Related to Home Inspections

If you are looking for an honest, knowledgeable, experienced home inspector who is a person of utmost personal integrity, we wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Rick Sineath of Ace Basin Home Inspections.

In our search for a good home for a member of our family, we went through inspections of three different homes.

After the first two inspections, we realized that the inspectors were not very thorough, they lacked diligence to our interest as buyers, they were evasive in their answers to our questions, and they were almost impossible to talk with after they had completed the inspection and submitted the inspection reports. These two initial reports were loaded with irrelevant details dealing with policies/procedures, regulations, building codes, meaningless explanations of why some features of the homes were excluded from the report, etc.  Only a very small part of the reports described relevant findings and recommendations dealing with the repairs that were needed. At this stage, we wondered, whether these inspectors have been working for us (the buyers) or the realtors who recommended them.

We exercised extreme caution in selecting the third home inspector. This time we made our own selection, independent of our realtor’s recommendations. This is when we lucked out in finding Rick Sineath of Ace Basin Home Inspections. He was very thorough, checked all relevant minute features of the house, went through the attic and painstakingly crawled through the crawl space which allowed only two feet height to crawl, and he was very attentive to our observations/concerns which we shared while Rick’s inspection was going on.

Rick Sineath’s submission of the report to us was very timely. We found the report to be very thorough and well done. All of his recommendations/findings were clearly and unambiguously stated. These findings/recommendations were properly numbered and accompanied by an impressive number of supporting photographs. In brief, the report turned out to be what an   inspection report ought to be, totally free from unnecessary or irrelevant details.

We found Rick to be generously receptive to our questions or concerns, before as well as after the submission of his inspection report. What a relief it was compared to the last two inspections we had gone through!

We highly recommend Mr. Rick Sineath of Ace Basin Home Inspections and we recommend wholeheartedly. He is a man of utmost integrity.


Samrendra Singh